German Minister's Delegates of Environment and some of IWRMC's Expertise have visited Tehran South Treatment Plant

German Minister's Delegates of Environment and some of IWRMC's Expertise have visited Tehran South Treatment Plant



Aquifer recharge by treated wastewater was presented in this meeting ,and the high quality of effluent in South Tehran Treatment Plant is based on International Standards and German Treatment Plants.

Considering effluent reuse in agriculture and industry, the treated wastewater here is planned to irrigate 80000 acres of agricultural lands, Mr Khazaei said. 

Besides, according to a contract in 2015, 19 million cubic meter of treated wastewater will be delivered to Tehran Oil Refinery annually.




Tehran Sewerage Company Uses Robots in its Project


Researching Laser Robot is used in Tehran Sewerage Co. for the first time in the country, TSC's technical manager said

There are some problems in executing sewerage collecting network which makes it essential to use up-to-date and accurate-inspection systems, Aidin Taklifi added. He also mentioned that tunnel excavation and entrance method are used in constructing sewerage network in some parts of Tehran due to Traffic congestion and traffic movements; and one of the main issues in this method is soil loss because of instable and loose soil. Since the irregular .geometrical shape of the tunnel and being inaccessible in sliding areas, the exact estimation of falling soil volume would not be possible

In order to solve this issue and estimate the exact amount of landslide soil, Tehran Sewerage Co. has requested an inland Knowledgebase company to design and build a Researching Laser Robot customized to Tehran Sewerage Project situation and the pioneer model has been built and it will .be .finalized and used in Sewerage Project by the end of this year 

This laser robot can take 360-degree scans from tunnels and network inside where soil slide, Taklifi stated. The data is transferred to ground station and operator can gather the Laser-scanned data in various drifts and fallen soil areas. Besides, observing graphical and 3-D version of data, monitoring and controlling the robot's movements would be possible


An Integrated Management Videometry System was designed and launched for Tehran Sewage Network by an indigenous knowledge-based institution




PAD is an online and comprehensive system which manages and analyzes the data generated from sewage network videometry operations in a short time, Tehran sewerage Co.'s Videometry Manager said

The system including three parts such as data entry, intelligent analysis and data export in various needed formats such as text, photo, video and map can archive data electronically and get up-to- date in a short while, Mehdi Noghreh announced. So, Data can be available everywhere online according to users' needs as text or multimedia. The results are shown on GIS map

Implementing and designing PAD system was essential in sewage network videometry management since the searching data on the basis of grade operation or grade structure is highly important, and PAD system can properly analyze and export data as the user inquiries

Online monitoring sewer system was launched in Tehran

Online ISC intelligent system was launched in Tehran Sewerage Co. in order to monitor the performance of

 .Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems

The main objectives for establishing this system are identifying the existing problems, prioritizing them, establishing a strategic control for network contractors operations, clearing the situation and checking the progress .of Tehran Sewerage Co. operations,  Kourosh Judaki, the TSC's maintenance and PM manager said

He stated that implementing this intelligent system can provide database and data analysis and also can prepare intelligent statements of operational contractors, inspect daily according to referral guidelines, connect to GIS and GPS systems and take photos, film and show all reviews online

According to Judaki, implementing this system will improve the maintenance actions quality, PMs and cut the costs of control and inspection

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