Implementation of Tehran waste water plan was discussed when water pipeline operation started in 1948. The studies of this plan were begun with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and World Health Organization (WHO) in 1971 and these studies were approved in 1995 and in October of the same year, the implementation was started; this plan was revised in an International Tender because of the project importance and related crisis, and was finally approved in 2011 

The Executive operation of Tehran Wastewater Project in an area of 700000 hectare, back in 1995 started in all 22 Tehran municipality districts, and it intended to cover all 11 million inhabitants by 2032

This Project based on priorities, has been divided in 5 separated implementation phases. In this project, construction of 9000 Km of wastewater collecting networks, 76Km of wastewater transmission tunnels, installing more than 900,000 wastewater connections, and construction of 22 modules of wastewater treatment plant are planned

Due to extremely expensive costs of this project, implementation problems and also financial limitations, receiving loans from international bodies was considered

Finally in 2005, Tehran Water and Wastewater Company was able to receive 145 M$ which was the first phase of a loan from International Bank

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